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Conditions of Homestay - pdf
Conditions of Homestay - Word Doc
Homestay information in Japanese - pdf

Home-stay Application Procedures
- How to apply for homestay

  • Fill in the application form – Please ensure all sections are complete and all your contact details are listed. Application should be made at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival / commencement of home-stay.

  • Read and sign the ‘Conditions of Home-stay’ The ‘conditions of home-stay’ form must be returned together with the application form.

  • Submitting your application - Your application can be sent;
    - By email
    - By fax +61-7-3878-9897

  • Confirmation of Home-stay – After your application is received Earthbeat will match you with a suitable home-stay and reply to you with the home-stay family details and an invoice for payment.

Register as a Home-stay family

Homestay family guidelines (doc 167k)
Homestay Family Registration form (doc)
Homestay Family Registration form (pdf)


E-Beat HOMESTAY Accommodation

Homestay guestsEarthbeat homestays are friendly and sincere families that really enjoy the cultural exchange and friendship gained through international students living in their homes.

Australian families will accept you as a family member and offer the opportunity to live as Australian families do.


Homestay guestsOur homestay accommodation is available for short and long term periods with extensions available should you wish to stay on.

Homestay accommodation includes three meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) seven days per week.


Earthbeat can assist you in arranging Homestay guestsindividual or shared accommodation as an alternative to homestay.
Earthbeat also offers city precinct and suburban family style accommodation alternatives for business professionals moving to the Brisbane or Gold Coast on a permanent basis.

Accommodation rates for 2013

Home-stay placement Fee:

$210 (one-off payment)

Home-stay Fee (per week):

Including 2 meals Mon – Fri
and 3 meals on weekend


Home-stay Fee (per week):
Including 3 meals daily


*All rates quoted are Australian Dollars (AUD)



Brisbane Airport to Homestay:

$110 one way

Brisbane Airport to Homestay:

$130 one way + Support

Gold Coast Airport to Brisbane Homestay:

$170 one way

Gold Coast Airport to Brisbane Homestay:

$200 one way + Support

*All rates quoted are Australian Dollars (AUD)


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